True Norwegian Black Candle

Make your black metal fantasies come true.
Burn a stave church in the comfort of your own home. 

The first spark

In 2010, over a few beers, we started talking about black metal and how there should be more products related to the music genre. The idea of a church shaped candle came up, and got big laughs. Then we continued drinking beer. 

But unlike most beer ignited ideas, this one stuck.

After a few months I contacted a local candle maker and ordered the first edition of Kirkebrann - 100 small churches. I posted the product on Facebook, and within three days I was sold out! 

The controversy

Soon afterwords, the biggest paper in Bergen, BT, called me. Apparently, a local priest was a bit upset. I didn’t really have a plan for further production of the product, but now I knew I was onto something. So I told the paper that a second edition of 666 candles was in production. the candle maker had a lot of work in front of him. 

The third edition

When I started to run out of the second edition, I decided to make some changes. I ordered a larger, more detailed church with sturdier packaging. 

The fourth edition

The fourth edition is as large and detailed as the third, but with a fancier packaging in black and gold. This was released in late 2015.

Other products

Soon there will be released more products on this website. If you like Kirkebrann, I guarantee you’ll dig the other stuff as well. Stay tuned!


The candles are shipped from Bergen, Norway, but we ship world wide. In fact, Kirkebrann is more popular abroad than back in Norway. Especially in Finland, for some reason. 

I ship products every other day, so usually it takes 2 days in Norway and 5–15 days internationally, depending on where you live. 

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